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Here at Sc Fence Co. we set aside highly skilled professionals to grasp the elevations of being the best company in the midlands today.

Call the number one 5 star rated company for your free estimate today!

(803) 260-8185

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Our Products and Services

Manipulating only the finest products in our assortment of materials!

Aluminum Fence

With an unmatched visual aesthetic, this illustrious style of fence effectively offers a rust free category of fence that is sure to outlast any other fence. Using South Carolina's leading manufacturers for our aluminum product assures an appealing addition to anyone's residence or business. Creating a diverse selection of styles, heights, and customized gates, we guarantee a satisfied selection from our inventories available. 

Wood Fence

With a wide range of styles and finishes, wood is one of our top sellers in the fencing industry. Utilizing only hand picked materials, we are able to accomplish an exceptional installation at a competitive cost. We specialize in custom built wood fences and gates. Hoisting an unrivalled skilled profesional to install the premier wooden fence at your residence is just one call away!

Vinyl Fence

With an oustanstanding design system and elequent appearance, vynil is a great selection. Its long lasting and durable design will add appeal to any back yard or home. Its features include 100% privacy interlocking pickets and aluminum inserts for both rails and posts. Virtually, this fence is obtained maintenance free once installed.

Aluminized Or Architectural Color Coated Chain Link Fence

Aluminized chain link provides the strength of steel, a long lasting finish, and the low maintenance security that will last many years. Color coated chain link is available in three colors-black-brown-and green. This chain link fencing is a superior choice that blends naturally to many environments and allows architectural landscapes to show through.

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!

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